Sijie Yang

An Interaction/UX Designer

Design is accountable for the exploration of people's life experience. As an interaction/ux designer, I try my best to stay focused in the moment, make the right choice, and take actions to change and respond to change.


Design is essentially a service for multidisciplinary domains. Apart from my primary focus on interaction/ux design, I'm also interested and engaged in other design related professions.


Design makes things happen. My capability ranges from Interaction / User Experience (UX) /User Interface (UI) design to Web / graphic design


Research builds the foundation and reveals the right direction for design. User study produces insights and establishes trust among people


Photography is my new hobby as well as new skill. Image can capture every single moment of one's life and the surprising beauties around us

Shining Ideas

Good ideas matter. A promising or even innovative design starts with an idea


Every design has its unique process. A good document keeps the record of the process

Costs / Benefits

A piece of design needs to serve its purpose in order to be worth the investment


Design requires teamwork as well as conversations with users and stakeholders

About Me

Experiencing various wonderful things in the world makes me be able to pursue and fulfill a meaningful life. Different life dimensions compose my personal story and benefit my growth as a designer overall.

Watch the Story

Movie is my favorite medium of storytelling. No matter their sci-fi or historical manner, movies are about people and their lives, just like design.

Play the Story

Gaming experience allows me to immerse myself into the scenario and be part of the story by interacting with the environments and characters.

Be the Story

The real world is eventually where I am going to design for. Going out there teaches me how to appreciate different perspectives and embrace constraints.


What people say about me!

  • Jonathan Partlow Chief Experience Officer

    In every instance Sijie demonstrated extraordinary knowledge, skills and really showed how dynamic he is at grasping new concepts and spaces, translating ambiguous ideas to concrete exemplars and an almost intuitive ability to apply design thinking to real world situations finding new valid answers.

  • Jonathan Partlow Chief Experience Officer

    It is rare occurrence that I would update a recommendation, however, I have now worked on 3 more projects with Sijie and was lucky enough to be exposed to one in which I was not involved in and each time I am more impressed. The last one (I was not involved in) reached one the highest pinnacles of design in that it 'Made me think differently.'

  • Jonathan Partlow Chief Experience Officer

    On a 1-10 scale of designers and recommendations - I would give Sijie an 11+

My Skills

What are my speciality

Interaction Design
UX Design
UI Design
User Research
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All my portfolio pieces are grouped into four categories which include a variety of professional and personal projects. Please click the tabs below to select the one you're interested in.


Startup App on iOS 7

Cold Case Solutions

IBM Watson Design Challenge


Microsoft Design Challenge

Fridge Game

Whirlpool Design Challenge

Interactive Catalog

The R. Buckminster Fuller Exhibition


Carpool App on iOS 7

Making Uploads Easier

Digi-assets Uploading Solution for Teradata

Dick's Local UX Strategy

SapientNitro Design Challenge

Impact Platform

Donations Allocation Solution for Blackbaud

Eames Online Store

One-page Shopping Experience Wireframe

The Jedi Vending Machine

Intel Perceptual Computing Project

Hear The Numbers

Arduino Prototyping Project

Smartphone GUI Design

Menus, Icons and Widgets

GPS Navigator GUI Design

GPS Navigation System with Touchscreen

GUI-Design Exercise

Mixed Personal GUI Samples

Web Design

Homepages, Login Pages and More

Meaning and Form

Photography and Image Processing


Day-to-day Photography


This section contains the posts of my resume, design methods, personal design philosophy/strategy, case study and self-reflections on design process or daily life. Feel free to read any content and all comments are welcome.


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